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Voyager pendant necklace in 14K gold for Tracy

Style: Made to order - estimated Jan. 2024

Custom order listing for Voyager pendant necklace in 14K gold for Tracy.

Original sterling silver info below for reference:


Voyager Necklace

Inspired by NASA's groundbreaking Voyager program, this pendant necklace is a testament to human curiosity and the space probes that have traveled farther than any other human-made objects in history. Handfabricated from sterling silver, it captures the essence of the Voyager spacecraft in a beautiful silhouette. 

Science deserves to be celebrated

Launched in 1977, the Voyager spacecraft have given us unprecedented views of our solar system and beyond, transforming our understanding of the universe. To celebrate the decades of science and engineering of the – still ongoing – Voyager program, ScienceSocks wanted to do something special: jewelry made of sterling silver.

Jewelry that lasts a lifetime

Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that, when properly cared for, will last you a lifetime and beyond. Unlike many other metals or gold-plated pieces where coatings quickly wear off. Jewelry made of sterling silver can, unfortunately, tarnish over time, but with the included polishing cloth it will be restored to its full sheen with a just few rubs.

Wear a piece of cosmic history

No matter if you are gifting this necklace to yourself (you deserve it!) or another – this beautiful Voyager necklace will come in a luxurious gift box that is ready for gifting and keeping.


Necklace details

  • Sterling silver pendant with satin finish
  • Approximately 1 3/4" tall by 7/8" wide  (45x22mm)
  • 1.1mm sterling silver cable chain included
  • 16-18" seamlessly length adjustable (standard length) 
  • longer 16-22"  seamlessly length adjustable chain available upon request at no additional cost.
  • Questions? Reach out to