About Us

ScienceSocks was born out of the desire to add a touch of geekiness and personality to our wardrobe without compromising on style. As soon as your interest fall outside the norm and into the realm of science fiction or fact, you are quickly left with audacious T-shirts sporting huge prints or bold lettering. That just isn't for us...

Beautiful science
Science can be fascinating, intriguing and exciting. But it can also be dazzling, beautiful and elegant. With ScienceSocks you upgrade your style with a dash of geeky science.

Be part of the science
Wearing our soft socks with your favourite scientific interests will not only feel great. They are also a great conversation starter! Unlike other sock brands, none of our designs are random. Each of our designs has a mind blowing backstory for you to be amazed about and share with others. Included for free with every pair!

Giving back
ScienceSocks wouldn't be possible with all the amazing research going on across the globe. So in order to give back we make a donation for every pair of socks sold. Click here for more info.