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Psyche Metal Asteroid Mission Socks


16 Psyche a Metal Asteroid

The 16 Psyche asteroid was discovered in 1852 and has intrigued scientists ever since. What makes the asteroid special is that its mostly is made out of iron, nickel, and other metals. Because of the similarities between Earth's molten core and 16 Psyche, it's been hypothesized to be an exposed core of an early planet of the solar system that lost its outer layers. And now after 170 years with NASA's Psyche mission, we are finally going!

Journey To a Metal World

The Psyche spacecraft named after the 16 Psyche asteroid is scheduled to launch in August 2022 on top of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. During a 4-year long journey to this metal world, the spacecraft will be propelled by electric Hall thrusters using electricity and xenon gas to create a blue-colored plasma jet. Once it arrives in 2026 Psyche will use its scientific instruments (multispectral imager, gamma-ray/neutron spectrometer, and a magnetometer) to study 16 Psyche. It also carries an experimental Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) instrument to test space communication using lasers. All of the above are depicted on our latest Psyche science socks design!

Limited Edition Psyche Socks

This design is expected to not be restocked after the initial production run, so please grab a pair if you are planning to gift these at a point in the future. 

Premium Science Socks Made in the USA 

  • Designed and made in the USA
  • In collaboration with Sofie Shen
  • 75% soft combed cotton: domestically grown, dyed in Belmont, NC
  • 23% nylon and 2% spandex processed in North Carolina
  • 100% science
  • One size fits most from size 6 women US to size 13 men US