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Update: I've added a photo of the actual socks! They are AWESOME. I've been told the socks are in production and knitting is expected to be finished Feb. 1st. They are on track to be delivered to me Feb. 8th and I want to ship everything out on Feb 9 and 10th. Thank you for your patience! 

Update: WOW! This was a huge success. Thank you all for the support! The order has been placed with the manufacturer and should be arriving soon. In the meantime, this page will remain open for anyone still wishing to place a pre-order as part of the first production run :)


Help me land these Mars 2020 socks! They illustrate the Mars 2020 mission from launch to landing and now I need your help with the initial production run.

All pre-orders are expected to ship out in time for pre-landing delivery* and include free logo stickers! Free US shipping on orders over $35.

About this pre-order
I have teamed up with a USA based company that is awaiting my final order. The designs and mockups are ready, production capacity has been reserved and these can be on your feet before Perseverance lands on the red planet on February 18th*!

* USA only. Orders ship early February. Most international orders should arrive on time but I can't guarantee this.

Now I need your help to better estimate the quantity for the first batch, which is I why am making them available via pre-order and offering you the chance to be the first rocking these socks.

Finely knit socks from premium combed cotton

It is really disappointing when socks that are so thin that they start to show wear after the first use, or heavy pilling because they are made from cheap polyester. These socks will have just the right thickness and are made of premium combed cotton.

The socks will also be Jacquard knit. Which means the design is directly knitted into the fabric. This results in the most durable and comfortable socks versus sublimated or printed socks where the design can quickly fade and wear.

As this is a pre-order and I do not have the socks in hand yet there are a few potential risks involved that I need to disclose for transparency sake:

Delays in production: If due to unforeseen issues during production the socks won't be able to arrive on time for the mars landing (Feb. 18th) I will offer everyone the option to cancel and receive a full refund. No questions asked. 
Quality issues: I only ship out products that I would wear myself. If for whatever reason the socks aren't up to par I will either offer the option to cancel for a full refund.


Thank you so much for your support!

- Daniel