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Dare Mighty Things Parachute Umbrella

Still available as pre-order. Please read the update below

Update 06/04/2021: Great news! The umbrellas are on transport by boat to Ann Arbor, Michigan. The latest timeline has them arriving in the first week of July. I am very aware that the delivery date on these keep slipping, but all these Covid-19 related delays are out of my hands and a total drag... On my end, I am prepared and I am excited to start shipping these out the day after I take delivery!

If you are in Europe, I have additional news. We have made arrangements to be able to ship out your umbrellas from within the EU, which should speed up delivery. Depending on a few factors EU umbrellas might ship out sooner than US orders as those are expected to arrive at our distribution point in Belgium a few days earlier than the US shipment.

Thank you for your patience on these. I'm excited to ship 'em out to you :)

There are still a few umbrellas not reserved via pre-order and these can still be ordered for anyone interested.

Older updates at the bottom of this page.

Help us dare mighty things and fund our most daring project to date!

When we were kids we took an umbrella and imagined it was a parachute. So when NASA engineer, Ian Clark, surprised the world with a secretive, yet beautiful, parachute design for the Mars Perseverance rover, we just knew that we needed to make an umbrella!

On February 18th, 2021 NASA's Perseverance rover landed on Mars with the aid of a parachute. Not only did this parachute open when the spacecraft was going at a crazy speed of 940 mph (1,512 kph) it also contained a secret encoded message.

It didn't take people on the internet long to decipher the message: Dare Mighty Things - 34 11 58 N 118 10 31 W. One of the mottos of and location of the Jet Propulsion Lab. 



Help Us Dare Mighty Things

The designs are ready, samples are on the way and our manufacturing partner is awaiting our final order. But in order to meet their minimum order quantity, we now turn to you for help! Every pre-order brings us closer to that goal and please share this page with friends and on social media!

Together we can make this umbrella a reality!

 Umbrella specs 

  • Automatic open & close folding umbrella
  • Parachute print top side and clearly visible on inside
  • High performance 190T polyester waterproof fabric
  • 8 super-strong two-part fiberglass & metal ribs keeping this umbrella robust & lightweight
  • Sturdy metal shaft
  • Rubberized handle
  • Matching protective sleeve
  • Folded length approx 12 inch or 31cm
  • Canopy diameter approx 46 inch or 116cm
  • Weight approx 15 oz or 416g
  • Imported

Full transparency

Great things take time and for this umbrella project I (Daniel) have teamed up with talented designer Tobias Vandenbempt. Nothing is more important to us than honesty and doing what is right. So we need to be transparent with you upfront that ideally we would have launched this pre-order next week when our production samples have arrived.  However, a competitor rushed a similar product to market which brought us to a dilemma: cancel the project or launch early and be transparent about it. To not let all our hard work go to waste, we are launching early! But don't worry. We believe in quality products that pay attention to every detail, which is exactly what you will be receiving or your money back.
Samples are in, read the update on top of the page! They are spectacular! 😎

Here are a few things that set us apart:

  1. Automatic compact umbrella
  2. Design clearly visible on inside as well as outside
  3. Printed strap with the text Dare Mighty Things
  4. Matching sleeve to store your umbrella when not in use
  5. Maybe most importantly: flawless encoded message

Timeline and risks

The design is ready and production samples are expected to arrive next week. If everything goes perfect, shipping could start as early as late April. But to stay on the safe side expect your umbrella in May. Once the campaign is successfully funded we will place our final order with our manufacturer.

As with every campaign, there are a few risks involved:

Delays: we have some wiggle room in our delivery schedule for a few delays. But there is always the possibility of unforeseen things. If delays occur, you will be notified as soon as possible via updates on this page and email if you sign up for the newsletter during checkout.

Quality issues: if either the samples or the actual products are not up to our high-quality standards, this project will be canceled and you will receive a full refund. In the case the quality issues are minor we will offer you the possibility of a discount or full refund.

US shipping

$4 domestic shipping. Free for orders over $50 

Worldwide shipping & fees

1 umbrella: $15
2 umbrellas:  $20
3+ umbrellas: $20 for expedited shipping, so ask your friends if they want to share shipping costs! ;-)

Depending on your country you might have to pay fees and taxes upon arrival. Please keep this in mind prior to ordering.


Update 05/24/2021: great news! Production has been completed. I will update everyone who pre-ordered with a shipping update/estimate as soon as I have one within the next few days.

Update 03/26/2021: The samples are in, and they are absolutely amazing! The canopy is beautifully printed and the umbrella is sturdy and high quality. In pursuit of getting you the most awesome product possible, we have decided to have a second sample made with minor tweaks from the lessons learned from the first sample. Because of this, the pre-order will be extended until the second sample is in. Once we receive the final sample, the pre-order ends, and prices increase to final retail prices. 

Update 04/06/2021: There have been some delays in getting the final production sample shipped out to us. However, the manufacturer has sent us pictures of all the revisions we requested and they are perfect! Because of this delay we are now expecting to start fulfilling orders at the end of May to early June. We have locked in our final production numbers and because of this the crowdfunding part of this campaign has come to an end but the umbrellas will remain available as pre-order as long as supply lasts. To pre-order, simply add the umbrella to your cart and check out.