Nose Bridge

 All our masks come with a free adhesive nose bridge and cord lockers. These are optional and can be applied to improve fit and mediate fogging of glasses. You will find further tips to improve fit further down the page.

A few things to note before applying a nose wire:

  1. if your mask fits well and is comfortable without nose wire it might be better without because:
    1. it will need to be hand washed. The wire should stay on in the washer, but you know how these things go... That being said, we highly recommend hand washing your mask anyway, to keep it in great condition and protect the print as long as possible
    2. it won't fold as flat when not wearing it. We personally carry our masks in our pocket, so how flat it folds.
  2. The nose wire can be removed and won't leave any residue on the fabric



The nose bridge can be applied to the outside or inside of the mask. Of which your preference will depend on esthetic and wether you are bothered by metal touching your skin (in our personal experience it not cold or noticeable really). 

Fold the mask inside try to flatten the top (part that goes on your nose) a bit and stick the nose bridge about 3/4 inch (2 cm) below the top in a straight line. Firmly press and pinch from both sides, mold into shape and you are good to go!

Nose wire application step 1 Nose wire application step 2

Nose wire application step 3Nose wire application

Nose wire application

Tightening the elastic

A lot of common fit issues are solved by having the proper tension on the elastic. If the elastic is too long for your face, or it loosens over time, the easiest way if to put a small knot in it and tighten it based on the amount of extra tension you need. You won't even feel it's there, unlike many gizmos out there that solve the same problem.

Tightening the elastic
Tightening the elastic