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James Webb Telescope Necklace Mirror Acrylic


JWST mirror necklace

James Webb necklace modeled after the JWST mirror. Space telescope jewelry that makes a great gift for any science lover.

Beyond doubt, the most iconic part of the James Webb Space Telescope is the gold-coated primary mirror. 18 hexagonal mirror segments form a beautiful honeycomb-like pattern. Celebrate the telescope's First Light and Webb's first images with this shiny mirror acrylic glass pendant necklace and matching JWST earrings.

Looking for something really special? Check out our 14k solid gold JWST jewelry.

    James Webb Telescope Necklace details

    • 7/8" webb pendant
    • Laser-cut from clear acrylic glass
    • Hand finished and painted back
    • Made in the USA
    • Comes in packaging ready for gifting
    • 18" gold-filled chain included



    Customer photo courtesy of Charity Woodrum.

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