Chandra X-ray Telescope Socks - Silver


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Chandra X-ray Observatory
Outer space is full of radiation that can teach us about the universe. From infrared to visible light to x-rays. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is a space telescope detecting X-rays from very hot regions of the universe. X-ray observations can only be done in space because X-ray interacts with nitrogen and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. On top of this due to the high energy X-ray radiation, the longer the telescope, the better the resolution. This resulted in Chandra being a massive 19.5 meter (64.0 ft) long telescope, which was limited by the maximum cargo length of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

These fine knit socks have a shiny metallic print featuring the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Available in silver and gold. The perfect gift for any astronomy professional or space enthusiast.

Supporting STEM

$2 donated to STEM for Her
for every pair sold

Cotton 81%, polyamide 16%, elastane 3%. 100% science!

Your ScienceSocks will be handmade and made to order in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Actual product may differ slightly from the photos due to the handmade nature.

Care instructions
Turn inside out, machine wash cold
Hang dry
Do not iron

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