James Webb Space Telescope Necklace Mirror Acrylic


JWST mirror necklace

Beyond doubt, the most iconic part of the James Webb Space Telescope is the gold-coated primary mirror. 18 hexagonal mirror segments form a beautiful honeycomb-like pattern. Celebrate the deployment of Webb shiny mirror acrylic glass earrings and a JWST pendant necklace.

Looking for something really special? Check out our 14k solid gold JWST jewelry.

    James Webb Space Telescope Necklace details

    • 7/8" pendant
    • Laser-cut from clear acrylic glass
    • Hand finished and painted back
    • Made in the USA
    • Comes in packaging ready for gifting
    • 18" gold-filled chain included

    In collaboration with Lab Partners Jewelry


    Customer photo courtesy of Charity Woodrum.

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