Planet Hunter Socks


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The Original Planet Hunter
Over 4000 exoplanets have been found by the Kepler Space Telescope! Launched in 2009 with its primary mission to find Earth-like planets outside of our own solar system. Kepler resembles the largest camera humanity has ever put in space with a sensor array of 42 CCDs totaling 95 megapixels. These socks showcase the amazing sensor array that captured the light used to discover thousands of planets orbiting a star that isn't the sun. 

These fine knit socks have a shiny silver metallic print perfectly mimicking Kepler's sensor array! The perfect gift for any astronomy professional or enthusiast.

Supporting STEM

10% donated to STEM for Her
for every pair sold

Cotton 81%, polyamide 16%, elastane 3%. 100% science!

Your socks will be handmade and made to order in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Actual product may differ slightly from the photos.

Care instructions
Turn inside out, machine wash cold
Hang dry
Do not iron

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