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Kepler Telescope Necklace with Sterling Silver


Kepler Telescope Necklace

What do you get an exoplanet scientist or transit method connoisseur? Science jewelry featuring the Kepler image sensor array! 

The Kepler Space Telescope was used to discover over 5000 exoplanets by looking at small dips in light emission as planets pass in front of their parent star. To do this the telescope had a uniquely shaped image sensor which is the inspiration behind this Kepler telescope necklace made from mirror acrylic. This design is also available as matching earrings.


    Kepler necklace details

    • 7/8" pendant
    • Laser-cut from mirror acrylic glass
    • Hand finished and painted back
    • Made in the USA
    • Comes in packaging ready for gifting
    • 18" sterling silver chain included

    In collaboration with Lab Partners Jewelry 


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