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Lucy Asteroid Mission Earrings with Sterling Silver

Style: Earrings + silver wires

Solar panels to power you

Lucy Asteroid Mission earrings in the shape of solar panel arrays. The perfect gift to celebrate this mission and solving the issue with the solar array that didn't want to latch. 

The Lucy spacecraft is powered by two large distinctive solar arrays as it ventures out far away from the sun. All the way out to Jupiters' orbit. Now you get to wear these solar arrays earrings and to be energized as well!

Mission to Trojan Asteroids

Lucy will be the first to visit the Trojan asteroids, trailing in Jupiters' orbit at the Lagrange points. It's scheduled to launch on October 16, 2021 on top of an Atlas V rocket. This will mark the beginning of a 12-year journey where it will be used to study 7 different rocky worlds.

Earrings details

  • 1.25" solar array disks
  • Laser-cut from mirror acrylic glass
  • Hand finished and painted
  • Made in the USA
  • Sterling silver earring wires

In collaboration with Lab Partners Jewelry